AF-487 & AF-587

The wiper/scraper possess two geometrically different wiper lips which are arranged in an
opposite way. There exists a recess on the outermost circumference in order to be able
to incorporate O-ring. The Scraper functions scrape the outside air side and Scrape and keep media inside between secondary seal and Scraper seal.
Wiper rings are manufactured from specially modified PTFE materials. Compound
AF-7615 (PTFE and filler) is the standard material of construction that is used
in hydraulic applications. This material is particularly superior in respect of very high
abrasion resistance, inherent stability, very good shearing characteristics and very
good thermal and chemical resistance. AF-7710 also a material as can be choose very wear resistant and strong.

  • Very low friction especially start friction
  • Very small Groove design
  • Very good scraping effect even when dirt has fastened onto shaft from airside
  • To be used in combination where is a seal as it has a good pump effect
  • Machined up 1200 mm

Limitations on Use*  
Velocity reciprocating to 15 m/s, AF-7710 up to 2 m/s.
Temperature -40 to +200 °C (depending wiper and O-ring material) AF-7710 up to +80 °C.




Serie number 

AF-487 & AF-587