Single and Double acting Scraper

The AF-480 is single- acting scraper and the AF-485-487 is double- acting scraper. The AF-485-487 has slightlya different geometryically, with scraper lips that are installed back-to-back in one seal. The scraper is installed together with an O-Ring, as an elastic energizing element in one groove.

The scraper function is performed by the AF-485-487. The O-Ring maintains the pressure of the scraper lips against, the sliding surface and can compensate for deflections of the piston and rod. AF scraper rings act to scrape contaminants from the retracting piston rod and to protect the system from soiling. , holding back the residual oil film on the extending piston rod on the medium side.

AF-485 and AF-485-487, in conjunction with our rod seals, AF-441, 446 and 448 - seals with hydrodynamic back-pumping function, exist in contrast to the scraper AF-485, as they are mostly used for heavy-duty applications such as in construction machinery, presses etc.