Dynamic Slide Ring Double Acting:

The AF-553 consist of 2 O-rings, X-ring and a PTFE part as could be made with many different fillers. This seal is redesigned compare to AF 551. Two O-rings and redesigned on dynamic side as well on the O-ring side. The three parts will give you a very good sealing performance also gastight. The seal body will also be made with notches, as is standard that let you have rapid changes of pressure from one side to the other side and help the seal to be pressure riced fast. High sealing effect and separate any media, gas etc. in an excellent way. Heavy duty applicatins.

  • Double seal due to teflon and rubber
  • Can be notched
  • No Stick-slip
  • Used as a primary seal
  • High sealing effect
Limitations on Use  
Operating pressure Up to 60 MPa (600 bar), with oil up to 35 MPa (350 bar) in reduced lubrication
Velocity reciprocating to 13 m/s
Temperature -45 to +200 °C (depending on O-ring material)



Serie Number AF-553