PTFE Piston seals; Single- and Double-Acting

PTFE piston seals have properties that exceed most other known materials when it comes to friction and stick-slip, which virtually does not exist when PTFE Seals are used. In addition, the chemical and thermal resistance of PTFE Seals is excellent of most other materials. PTFE Seals are hard and non-elastic, and are better suited for compact applications than most other known seal types. The most important consideration that goes into the PTFE Piston Seal, as well as the PTFE Rod Seal, is to ensure that it will maintain a high level of sealing performance through service life. The type of piston seal chosen is decided by the function of the cylinder, but the overall demands of the PTFE seals can still differ in many respects.

Single acting:

The single-acting PTFE seal is designed to function where pressure is applied from one side only. For strictly single-acting cylinders, preferred option will always be to choose a PTFE Piston Seal designed, to provide optimum sealing qualities for single acting applications. This will leave the thinnest possible lubrication film in the contact area between the PTFE Seal and the cylinder surface.

Double acting:

For double- acting cylinders, it is vital to use double-acting seals as well, in stead of two single-acting seals, which can easily cause a breakdown. The double- acting PTFE Seal is designed to operate with pressure from either side and should fulfil as a any demand for absolute tightness at resting position, compared to the single-acting PTFE seal. The PTFE Seals ,which Accofluor A/S supplies, either standard or custom designed, exceed the highest known standards set for PTFE (Teflon*) Seals today. Our key elements are a quick response and short delivery times, alongside our exceptional customer service.



Single- and Double-Acting