STATIC SETTINGS In a static sealing application there is no friction between the sealing elements or between the seal and the component surface. The most used seal in static applications is the O-ring. In addition, Accofluor offers a wide range of specialized products for static applications, including metal seals, ideal for extreme temperature and pressure conditions. Seals PTFE seal are often or mostly used in combination with an O-ring. We have divided our static seals into several main group, so you can easily find the specific information you are looking for. O-ring is the most used seal in the world, need a back-up ring when high pressure.


Any application in the pressure, temperature and media limit.

The O-ring is the most cost effective and convenient sealing element available to the user.
Due to its simple form, i.e. a closed gasket with a circular cross section and a multitude of
usable materials of construction, it finds use in almost all static and dynamic (with back-up ring)
areas of application. When choosing the cord diameter, a reasonable thickness value
must be chosen, particularly for dynamic applications.

 Special Features:
  • Cost effective groove geometry
  • Economic construction
  • Double acting
  • High pressure and temperature range
  • Low on space requirements
  • Extensive series of sizes
  • Expansion stretch of O-ring up to max. 10% 
  • Compression of O-ring up to max. 0,5-1,5% depending of size