PTFE (Teflon*) Guide Tape / Bearing Strip

Guide Tape or Bearing Strip is an important component in a hydraulic cylinder,used to stabilize and reduce vertical movements of the rod. The side loads that the PTFE Guide Tape has to withstand can be significant, butdeformation of the PTFE Guide Tape is not permanent.
It is requested to be durable, non-elastic and to have a very low point of friction. Compared to metal guides, the PTFE Guide Tape offers a much longer service life and better sealing ability. From a lubrication point of view, the self-lubricating PTFE Guide Tape is more effective than the metal guide.
Accoufluor A/S makes some of the best PTFE Guide Tape in the business. We use a high-quality compoundin order to meet our customers' demands.
Our PTFE Guide Tape, or Bearing Strip as it is also known, is available with many different fillers. PTFE with, for example, bronze or carbon, has extraordinary abilities compared to other known materials.
We produce Guide tape in a standard profile or with tear drops (diamond structure).

 Knowned Materials:
  • Carbon
  • Bronze
  • Glass
  • Virgin
  • Turquoise
  • TFM (Modified PTFE)

PTFE Guide Tape is made in both standard and custom sizes, by the meter or in cut lengths, cut according to the demands of the customer.
The high flexibility of Accofluor A/S, alongsideshort delivery times and the high quality of our PTFE Guide Tape, is among the reasons that we maintain long-term relationships with our customers.