Accofluor's high quality production for use in sealing applications is exported worldwide.
Our materials have been developed through many years of knowledge and testing. Seals are produced in dimensions of up to 1200 mm. Seals can be supplied in pure PTFE (Teflon®) or with the addition of various fillers, of which some of the best known include PTFE +40% Bronze, PTFE + Carbon/Graphite, PTFE + Ekonol and PTFE + Carbon Fiber.
Some of the high runner compounds we have developed are known as ATXC66, ATXC33, AF-7615, AF-7720, AF-2370.
Guide tape / strip is produced in numerous widths and thicknesses. Normally, it is supplied with a bronze or carbon filler, with coloration in accordance with customer requirements.

Accofluor machines PTFE and many other plastics. Machining is carried out in accordance with customers’ technical drawings, or by those designed in-house. Accofluor custom designs new parts as per customers’requests. We offer advice and assistance regarding the construction of new parts and the correct choice of material composition. 

Deciphering Accofluor part number:
  • AF = Accofluor.
  • 511 = Profile type, here Piston Double acting, type 511.
  • 1000 = Nominal diameter x 10, 100mm.
  • D = Profile (O-Ring), in this case "D" for Groove dim. 6,3 x 7,75.
  • 5640 = Material, in this case PTFE + 40% Bronze, green.


Groove types:

The two basic types of Assembly design:
Axial "open" groove design (see fig. 1)
Closed groove (see fig. 2)

Both types are used on the piston side as well as on the rod side.
The O-ring is the most cost effective and convenient sealing element available to the user.


Some sealing elements like seals with large cross section need an open groove due to it being
stiff and needs an open groove to achive simple assembly.
Open grooves are also required in cases where assembly involves small diameters.