New materials are developed by a selection of our highly skilled employees, many who have more than 20 years of experience in the research and development of different plastic materials, such as PTFE, elastomer, thermoplastics, and specialist knowledge in PTFE processes and filler types.

AF-7615 material

Our Technical department needed a new material with lower friction and counter surface wear than our standard material, AF-5640.

By adding a special mineral and additives, but also with lubricant, we were able to keep the same extrusion resistance as AF-5640 but we reduced the friction dramatically and thereby also reduced counter surface wear.
A great benefit to this new material is that we have increased its lifetime a considerable amount compared to AF-5640, but at the same time we had developed a new material suitable for use in non-lubricated environments.

ATXC-66 material

Our Technical department needed a new material suitable for applications with both high frequency reciprocating movement, and higher temperature capabilities compared to any other of Accofluor’s standard compounds. Movements in high-pressure applications will generate high friction, and therefore we needed a material that compared to our standard compounds that have lower friction.
By using a special polymer as the main filler, lubrication agent and additive, we have created a new compound/material for these demanding applications.

The name is ATXC-66.

ATXC-33 material

After the great success with ATXC-66, our material with notable material properties for highly demanding applications, we needed a corresponding material for the food and beverage industry.
We therefore developed ATXC-33.

ATXC-33 can be used in applications with high-pressure and high temperature reciprocating movements, which normally have a high counter surface wear, high extrusion into the and generally low geometric stability. By using a special polymer with additives, we were able to obtain compliance with the EU legislation on Food Contacts Materials and the FDA, without compromising its excellent properties.