Development being the key:

We offer a unique combination of in-house application expertise, material knowledge and specialized machining knowhow. Combining these core capabilities gives us an edge, ensuring that we are always at the forefront of seal design, material development and manufacturing methodology, which translat into confidence, competitiveness, and revenue for our clients.

PTFE is our main business, made from mixed or virgin powder, machined to finished seals, backup rings, bearings, guide tape, etc. With the launch our PEHUD high temperature polyethylene, capable of operating at temperatures as high as 120°C, we have expanded our material development beyond PTFE.

The combination of material type and design makes the properties of the sealing. The morphology and contents of filler is critical and therefore Accofluor has a very high level of control on the materials.

Our tubes are isostatic made up to ø280 mm while anything above is compression molded